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Kathy Robbins, LICSW, PCC
Psychotherapist • Life Coach

923 Route 6A, Unit T, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Phone (508) 744-7400
Mobile (508) 274-1067


About Kathy

“Hi Kathy,
I just wanted to let you know how profoundly powerful and deeply moving last night’s session was. Our collective sharing from the heart
was both humbling and transformative. Thank you for so freely and generously giving your valuable time and inspiration. I feel like I’ve been granted permission to dream…” Priscilla

“Ms. Robbins is an accomplished professional, having served in many capacities in her life in the mental health field. She is also a wonderful person, with a heart as big as Buzzards Bay, and the desire to change the world, one life at a time.” Joshua Krammes, columnist

One of the things I appreciate about Kathy Robbins is that she is matter-of-fact about being a ‘work in progress’ herself. She does not put herself on a pedestal and won’t let others relate to her that way either. Yet her presence and her counsel are valued highly by many people today, including other well-respected coaches and therapists who are grateful for her advice and guidance. Nancy E.

“Kathy has guided me through a process, and continues to do so, which has transformed my life. She has managed to help me realize the dreams I never dared to vocalize or even hoped could come true. She was very instrumental in keeping me on track when I wanted to start my business. I am very grateful for having found Kathy to co-create my new life with.” Rachael H.

“My depression has lifted and I’m feeling so much better about myself and my life. A million thanks to you! Your positive, compassionate approach helped me to see that I’m not alone. Thanks for guiding me through one of the darkest periods in my life.” Mary S.

“Dear Kathy,
My hope is that after you read this, you’ll understand what a wonderful inspiration you are to others and that you’ll never stop trying to help because you made a difference in my life and I’m sure many others, too.” Art S.

“It is though the work with Kathy that I have been able to face a past issue that was stalling me from going forward in life and preventing me from claiming my full potential. Working with Kathy has certainly changed my life-all to the better.” Joyce A.

“Your enthusiastic approach to your work inspired me.” Colleen T.

“In helping me to define the purpose of my life, Kathy has been supportive, gentle, and strong where necessary. The sincerity of who she is and how she cares about her fellow man is one of the finest examples of the Golden Rule I have seen.” Joy P.

About the Labyrinth

“Who would have ever imagined that walking in circles around other women and not speaking to them as they pass by could bring such intimacy? Joy filled my heart.” —Rachael

“The labyrinth turns a simple act of walking into a sacred experience.”—Gnosis

“There is a “Labyrinth Movement” taking place in our country.”—New York Times

“Walking the labyrinth clears the mind and gives insight into the spiritual journey. It urges action. It calms people in the throes of life transitions. It helps them see their lives in the context of a path, a pilgrimage. They realize that they are not human beings on a spiritual path, but spiritual beings on a human path.”—Lauren Artress

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