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Kathy Robbins, LICSW, PCC, SRC


Kathy Robbins, LICSW, PCC, SRC
Three Cs Coaching and Therapy was founded by Kathy Robbins, LICSW, PCC in 2002 out of her commitment to see people have more fulfillment and joy in their lives.  The Three Cs stand for COMMITMENT, CHANGE AND CELEBRATION because that is how it works. First comes the commitment, next the change and inevitably the celebration!

After being a therapist for many years and feeling dissatisfied with the standard problem centered approach to therapy, she incorporated empowering coaching concepts into her work.

She started to see amazing results and has committed herself to delivering this unique service to her clients.

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Kathy sees people as being naturally creative, resourceful and whole. She recognizes that most of us face challenges to our wholeness at various times in our lives and that “when we know better, we do better”.  She is committed to guiding people to their inner knowing and wholeness. Her life’s mission is to awaken people, including herself, over and over, to a new story and to new possibilities for self-acceptance, spiritual well-being and fulfillment.

Kathy is a licensed psychotherapist and a professional certified coach. This unique training, which combines therapy and coaching, gives her the ability to assist people wherever they are in their lives: Existing, Surviving or Thriving. She loves working with people who are committed to changing their lives in a positive way and celebrates with her clients when they met their objectives.

She has guided clients through many different challenges including: substance use disorder, career change, addiction, depression, empty nest, divorce and relationship issues. She believes in treating the whole person: Mind, Body and Spirit.

She received her master’s in social work from Rhode Island College and earned her LICSW after completing 5,200 hours of supervised work with clients. Being a lifelong passionate learner she continued on with her studies and received her Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coaching Federation after completing her coaching training with the internationally recognized Coaches Training Institute (CTI).  In 2019 Kathy became a SHE RECOVERS® Certified Coach.

The butterfly labyrinth is Kathy’s logo representing the journey of transformation. And it begins with a single step.


Three Cs Coaching and Therapy offers individual sessions, group sessions and retreats.

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Clare Garrity, CPCC, SRC

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