Our programs and events offer women a chance to learn, share, and transform.  We offer a range of options to feel inspired, informed and ready to think boldly about what comes next.

Sharing Circles

SHE RECOVERS® Sharing Circles provide supportive, non-judgmental spaces in communities across the world where women from diverse backgrounds can come together to learn and share about the practice of recovery.

Both Kathy and Clare are certified SHE RECOVERS® Certified Coaches.  Come join them at the next Sharing Circle.


Women's Retreats

Retreat from the hectic pace of life to a setting of peace. Walk the Labyrinth & experience sacred stillness, nestled on a beach on Cape Cod.  Time to relax, explore, nap, dream.
Replenish your spirit, restore balance, reconnect with yourself.
Enjoy inspiration and gathering and sharing with like-hearted women.
Activate your energy and reconnect to your gifts.  Tap into your joy, savor, celebrate and acknowledge your life.